Deli​ & Subs

An American Dream

Cricca's new owners, Kevin and Marla McHenry, recently took over this small gem hidden "South of the Boulevard" in a strip mall along the very well traveled Topanga Canyon Boulevard on July 1, 2016.  They took a leap of faith when the offer was presented to them, after struggling for many years due to the economic downfall.  Kevin, previously working in the mortgage industry primarily, had worked for another local deli for 15 years prior to meeting his wife, Marla, and knew if there was ever an opportunity presented to him, that he would have to try to make his dream a reality.  The couple went "all in" and a dream was born!  Now, you will see Kevin at the front of the house "shaking hands and kissing babies" as he would say, as his magnetic personality demands, while Marla makes deliveries, runs errands, handles bookkeeping, HR, and marketing efforts while managing the household and kids.  

Have they changed anything, you ask?  No.  They acknowledge and value the current regulars and feel that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!  Cricca's has been at this location since 1969 and has a strong following that keeps growing daily!  All recipes are the same from previous owners.  The only thing that has changed is making the small space more accessible to their guests so they can come take a look in the deli case, and the marketing materials.  So, stop in and come hungry!  It may be a first time, but it won't be your last!

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